The second largest Greek island after Crete.  Just head east from Athens and up the coast where there are several ferries and a major bridge to get to Evia.

My bike in Canada a 1980 Kawasaki KZ1300

I ride to Mycenae in a BMW650GS. This is the famous ancient city mentioned by Homer in  The Odyssey and The Iliad.  King Agamemnon led 1,000 ships in  in the war against Troy. His golden death mask was found here. Very cool historical site and a must see.

This ancient fortress city was mentioned in Homer's legendary stories The Odyssey and The Iliad. It was said to have been built by a Cyclops and the walls  have huge stone foundations. I rode here on a BMW 650GS.

The Gibraltar of the Peloponnese, this island fortress is in Laconia and has an amazing history like Nafpio. One siege of this place lasted three years.

This place is a UNESCO Heritage site and for good reason. It's very unusual geology and monasteries perched on 1,000 ft cliffs make for an eerie scene. Best seen on the golden light of morning.

This island has the most fabulous beaches anywhere. Check out Petani Beach and Myrtos Beach videos and see what I mean. Myrtos beach is usually in the top 10 in the world. Look out for earthquakes on this island though.

The home of Odysseus according to Homer as recounted in The Iliad and The Odyssey. But is the modern day island the one described by Homer? Some don't think so.

The belly button of the ancient world. This was where the ancient kings came for advice from the Oracle. Alexander the Great came here with questions as did King Leonidas of Sparta. Very impressive site in the mountains with a great museum.

FULL of history, great Archaeological museum, Acropolis, chaotic traffic (watch the bikes going through the downtown traffic video), so much to see!  Rent a motorcycle here or catch a bus to Piraeus and rent one on the islands.

These are GoPro HD videos  that are 3-8 minutes long. They are shot in the years 2013 to 2019. I live in Canada but am drawn back to Greece in the Spring or Fall which also happen to be the cheapest time to go, not to mention the best hotel rates, least tourists and great weather. If you're interested in great motorcycling, excellent weather and awesome history and mythology, then maybe these videos will help you decide to travel to Greece. Click the links below to access the videos.

Motorcycle  VIDEOS

The southern tip of mainland Greece in the Peloponnese. Beautiful desolation here with mountainous coast and wine dark sea. The fabled gates to Hades are located here at Cape Tenaron

A large harbour town on the western edge of the Peloponnese. The Rio Bridge here is worth seeing but not crossing with a motorcycle when the scirocco is blowing.

The castle of Nafplio is on the top of the mountain overlooking the city below and well worth the 1,000 stairs you climb to get to it. This is a beautiful port town to explore.

An archaeological site located on the east coast near Marathon, about an hour and a half ride from Athens. Temple of Nemisis is located here. This is a beautiful peaceful site overlooking the sea.

This is a harbour town on the coast east of Athens where I stayed many times during my trips around Greece. It has nice little taverns and restaurants along the harbour and great beaches. You can walk or bicycle along the waterfront to Marathon which isn't far.

This is one place I had to see because of the history. The ride from Athens to Sparta over the mountains is worth the trip. Just don't forget to get gas along the coast before going inland.

This is why I went to Greece to begin with. I wanted to see where the 300 Spartans made their famous last stand. I wanted to walk where King Leonidas walked. Awesome history here.

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